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Health News

Health News at The No1 Pain Relief Clinic

Find out more about your particular pain or sport:

  • Football Injury Prevention

  • Muay Thai

  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

  • The role and effects of stretching and injury prevention

  • What is Core Stability?

  • Prolotherapy

  • Our Top 10 Tips For Athletes

  • Top tips for Marathon runners

  • Why is my shoulder hurting?

  • Low Back Pain linked to Primate Spine Shape

  • Herniated Disc and Recovery

  • The use of NSAIDs is questionable

  • Foam Rolling

  • Fitness Band Trackers

  • Acupuncture may Reduce Itching

  • Meditation

  • Benefits and effects of massage

  • Massage Therapy May Help Buxton Winter Blues

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