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Bikefit Options

The Gold Standard
Dynamic Motion Analysis Computerised Dartfish

Computerised Bike fitting is the ultimate in Bike-fitting science. It involves a 3-step fully integrated professional Dynamic Motion Analysis Bike-fit Option (from head to toe). This begins with a Pre-Bikefit Musculoskeletal Screening protocol to help identify cycling specific problems that may be due to anatomical and/or biomechanical dysfunctions. This is followed by a personalised rehabilitation plan and finally a video analysis using Dartfish software. On completion, a detailed personalised report will be issued to compare images of Pre and Post ‘Key Positions’ with a summary and recommendations.

Please allow at least 3.5 hours

The Classic Static Bikefit option

The Classic Static Bikefit Option is suitable for most cyclists. It involves the same protocols of the 3-step integrated process except for the video analysis. It includes a comprehensive ‘Personalised Bikefitting Report’ detailing findings from the Musculoskeletal Screening. The report also details the Pre-Bike Fit and Post Fit observations for each ‘Key Position’ complete with a summary and recommendations.


Measuring Hip-Angle

Roland York

...John O’Groats to Land’s End...
Nick was also able to set up the bike to exactly the right  parameters for my particular requirements.

Having observed my cycling action and the fact that my right knee troubled me after long rides, he recommended special inserts for my shoes which greatly reduced my discomfort.

Nick’s knowledge of treatment and exercises for cyclists is very impressive – thanks Nick

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Measuring saddle height

Locating KOPS

Measuring handlebar reach

Specialists Triathlon/Aero Bikefit option

Our team understand the complex science involved in ‘Triathlon Bikefitting’ and the ‘key’ concepts of aerodynamics. Tri-fit helps the Triathlete optimise the power-output, by reducing the aerodynamic drag (of the frontal surface region) to conserve energy for the all-important run. Research has suggested at speeds of 40km/hr, approximately 90% of total energy is used overcoming wind resistance. A (2012) research study demonstrated that the correct frame geometry and body position can conserve muscle activity in selective calf and hamstring muscles. The effect is to delay localised muscle fatigue which potentially leads to a better run. The Tri-fit position package is available in The Gold Standard Bikefit Option (Dynamic Motion Analysis) or The Classic Static Bikefit Option.


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Tri-fitting is complex, body-position is key to aerodynamics (Image by NJD Sports Injury)

Reducing aero-drag is crucial. It comnsumes ~ 90% of your total power

Bikefit Only option:

This is the fundamental or traditional Bikefit option. This does not include the unique Musculoskeletal Screening but optimises saddle position (height and-fore-aft) handlebar, and stem for comfort and efficiency. These settings are based on the type of riding you do including your aims and objectives. Please note that this option does not include optimisation of the complex Foot/Pedal interface or for those riders that have existing injuries or difficulties in getting the cleat / foot position comfortable.

Allow 60-90 minutes

Please contact us for prices.

Full Bikefit (inclusive Foot / Pedal Interface)

This package includes a thorough Bikefit but without the Musculoskeletal Screening. This option optimises saddle position, handle and stem, and the critical and complex Foot/Pedal interface. It also includes optimisation of riding position at all 3 ‘key’ contact points (Saddle, Pedal and Handlebars), to meet riding style as well as your aims and objectives. On completion you will receive a personalised electronic detailed Bikefit report. Please note that this option is not suitable for riders with existing injury problems.

Allow 90 minutes

Please contact us for prices.


What should I bring with me?

Please bring with you your bike, cycling clothing (such as shorts and tee-shirt) including some warm clothing, cycling shoes, and any existing orthotic insoles you may have. Please also bring your cycling helmet if you wish to road test your new position out on the open road.

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