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Bikefit Science:
Three Traditional Riding Positions

Three traditional riding positions

Roland York

...John O’Groats to Land’s End...
Nick was also able to set up the bike to exactly the right  parameters for my particular requirements.

Having observed my cycling action and the fact that my right knee troubled me after long rides, he recommended special inserts for my shoes which greatly reduced my discomfort.

Nick’s knowledge of treatment and exercises for cyclists is very impressive – thanks Nick

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Maximise performance in your bike

The primary importance in Bike-fit is to maximise your performance therefore it is crucial that you and your bike interact effectively (1). This is achieved by the bike-fit set up and body position to meet the specific cycling demands and needs of the individual rider (2). In most cases, cycle disciplines can fundamentally fit into one of the 3 classic body positions(3):


  1. The recreational and commuting position

  2. Sportive and road race position

  3. Road Triathlon / aero position


However these three traditional body positions mentioned can also frequently overlap. 

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