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Knee, Ankle or Foot pain

Ankle pain relief

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Injuries to the lower limb are not uncommon and you may be reading this page because you may be suffering from a muscle, tendon, ligament or joint condition

The knee, ankle and foot joints are complex and yet simple joints. Injuries to these joints including - the associated muscle(s) tendon(s) and ligament(s) - can be a considerable disability particularly common in sports either with or without mechanical dysfunction or displacement.

Activities such as working on your knees, being on your feet all day or sports  involving twisting manoeuvres, sudden changes of direction e.g. skiing, basketball, rugby, football may frequently cause time off your sport or worst still work. 

Our clinic offers a wide variety of therapy techniques to help restore and promote function and/or relationships to the joints and soft tissues where possible. As a graduate sports therapist working with medical sport teams and active communities, Nick has gained considerable experience treating injuries in this area. 

Please note each and every case will be fully assessed according to individual circumstances as not everyone will be suffering from a sports related injury. 


Body fact about feet

        After a car crash damaged my ankle thirty years ago, I have lived with constant swelling and pain, restricting my physical activities and disrupting my sleep.

Nick treated me at his clinic in Buxton with massage and a high vibration device which gave me instant relief. He went the extra mile and provided me with a thorough and detailed list of imaginative activities to alleviate my ankle problems, one of which is to walk across the swimming pool on tip toes!

He is very knowledgeable about physiotherapy, and shows patience and attention to detail when gaining an understanding of what is wrong.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nick to anyone who wants pain relief.

Noisy knees are normal
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