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Injury Prevention

What is injury prevention?

Injury prevention programs are designed to reduce or eliminate risks of injury and injury reoccurrence to maintain or improve health and performance.

Why is it important?

Scientists suggest that injury rates can be reduced by approximately 25% with the correct PREhab and REhab injury preventative program specific to the patient’s movement demands whether they are an athlete or non-athlete. 

Benefits of injury preventative programs

The benefits of injury preventative programs can assist in many ways such as:-


  • Targets weak, over-active/tight muscles

  • Enhances flexibility and performance

  • Helps address co-ordination problems

  • Improves quality of daily or sporting activities

  • Reduces risks of injury or injury reoccurence


What does it involve?

Injury prevention involves multi-model training. For example it combines muscle strength training, conditioning exercises and dynamic balance training to improve physical function or athletic performance to reduce the likelihood of injury occurrence.  Training is dose dependent on the individuals needs and supplemented by a home exercise program. 

Gordon Langridge

My frozen shoulder symptoms came on rather quickly – soon becoming painful and restricting. Fortunately for me, Nick was able to give me instant relief and exercises, based on the very latest research that have proved highly effective – my shoulder is greatly improved and well on the way to full recovery – chuffed – thanks Nick.

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