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Making an Appointment

A frequent question we get asked by patients is "When should I make an appointment".

Occasionally this may not be as obvious or clear as it may sound. Pain is often the primary motivator to make an appointment. But what if the pain comes and goes..?


Problem keeps reoccurring?

If your problem keeps returning or if you are experiencing painful problems in different places, clearly there is an issue that needs to be treated and resolved. Don't leave it any longer.

Never had a problem?

If you have tried everything to ease it and this has not worked don't leave it for more than four days, as maybe it's not going to go away.



  1. Some people experience a low grade ache all the time. This may be due to a long term injury that never got resolved.

  2. Other people often understand the importance when they require treatment during training sessions.

In these situations we often find patients like to have a regular appointment. These appointments vary from each individual from once a month to every 6 to 8 weeks. I have a method of working out this frequency, I suggest how often, discuss it with you and together we put the management plan into place designed to meet your individual needs.


Sport injuries?

These may be sudden and acute while participating in your sport. If you are having problems i.e you can't walk properly or in constant pain then contact us  for advice. If you have a reoccurring problem after you have participated, i.e later afterwards or the next day. This means there is something mechanically not right. You need to do something about it before it stops you and becomes a more long-term problem.

If you need wheelchair access, please check our entrance diagram.

Kerrie West

His knowledge of anatomy was incredible. ...The pain I experienced disappeared almost instantly after I left the treatment room and has been a lot better since... Thanks Nick!

Jane Burton

I sought Nick's expertise for a debilitating frozen shoulder. Nick took the time to listen to my symptoms and examine me and to thoroughly explain his diagnosis and treatment plan.


After just one session of gentle manipulation and massage, I was much improved with an increased range of motion and a reduction in pain.

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