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Crystal Therapy

What is Crystal Therapy?

Crystal therapy is a non-invasive form of complementary therapy, involving the laying of selected crystals co-ordinated with the body’s energy field, energy centres or pathways (known as the aura Chakra’s, and meridians) to promote physical, psychological and spiritual levels of well-being.  

Crystal Therapy

Brief History

For centuries chromotherapy (utilising specific colours to influence health) have been suggested to be used since 2000 BC. The ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians and Greeks embraced colour therapy by using coloured stones, minerals and crystals. Spiritual and treatment sanctuaries were often painted in specific colours and recognised for their healing qualities. Crystals and decorative coloured stones were also worn for their healing properties or worn as spiritual symbols to help ward off evil spirits.


Today Crystal therapy is still a very popular therapy and widely used to help promote relaxation and well-being.


Benefits of Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy can be used either on its own or in combination with other alternative complementary therapies to provide a more enhanced comprehensive holistic approach or as a beneficial addition to maintain and support health and well-being.


Crystal therapy is a very gentle and grounding technique that helps to promote the holistic self into a state of sublime relaxation and euphoria thereby helping to:

  • Relax the body and mind to facilitate healing

  • Improve feelings of well-being

  • Relieve inner tension and stress

  • Stimulate slower breathing

  • Promote the release of endorphins

  • Reduce feelings of negativity, anxiety and depression

  • Assist to induce relaxation and sleep

This may prevent the likelihood of succumbing to everyday illness and effects of modern day stress. A balanced state of mind promotes vitality and a greater ability to cope with potentially difficult events.

How it works

Crystals typically have a hexagonal structure. Each variety of crystal has a unique internal molecular structure and aura which causes the crystal to resonate and vibrate at a certain frequency. According to this principle it is thought that when a specific type of crystal is placed near or onto the body’s energy field or energy centre at specific points such as the chakras (Figure 1, C1 to C7 illustrates the Chakras associated colours) and meridian pathways it activates a vibrational response to help stimulate the process of balance and harmonisation.


During a Crystal therapy session different crystals are used to treat different conditions due to their molecular structure and vibrational response to help restore or maintain the body’s healthy equilibrium.


Often patients experience a feeling of sublime relaxation and an improved sense of well-being following treatment.

Chakra colours

Figure 1: Original Chakra colours

Kerrie West

His knowledge of anatomy was incredible. ...The pain I experienced disappeared almost instantly after I left the treatment room and has been a lot better since... Thanks Nick!

Robin Ruston

Three visits to Nick in 3 weeks and to my amazement not only did I make the start line but I ran the 26 miles, non-stop in under 4 hours, without any problems with my calf muscle..

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Chakra colour wheel

The Science

Today scientific studies are still very limited however recent studies have validated and shown that light and colour can influence and affect the mind (Figure 2, Colour Wheel) in a variety of ways.  According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology nutritionist researcher Richard J Wurtman, suggests that individual colours can influence respiration rates, blood pressure in conjunction with biorhythms and brain activity. Due to these findings colours now play an important role in the treatments for a wide range of conditions.


These scientific research findings may explain why for centuries chromotherapy such as minerals and crystals have been used for their specific properties to influence health and well-being.

Figure 2: Chakra colour wheel

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