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New Injury?

For a NEW INJURY that does not require A+E, follow the PRICER protocol.

If you have just injured yourself, a sprain or strain of muscles, ligaments or tendons, and it does not require a visit to A&E, follow the PRICER protocol:


Protect from further injury.


Rest from any aggravating activities.


Ice the area for 10 to 20 minutes every 2 hours throughout the day.   Crushed ice in a bag or cold water immersion is ideal.  Always have a barrier, say a damp cloth, between ice bags and the skin to stop burns and skin damage.


Apply a compressive bandage around the injured area ASAP (ideally before swelling occurs).



Elevate the affected area if possible above heart level.

Refer to a suitable professional for accurate assessment and treatment:

Call: 01298 600477 or make an appointment ASAP

Learn how to use Heat or Ice on injuries - PRESS ME TO SEE
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