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Reiki and Massage

A unique therapy combining two forms of positive experiences that compliment each other perfectly.

Have the best of both worlds.

Nick is skilled at various massage techniques and has been delivering both therapeutic and healing massage for many years.

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He combines the very best of these to help you relax and recieve the benefits of Reiki.

You can choose to enrich the massage with essential oils if you wish - Nick creates his own by mixing high, mid and low notes that produce relaxing and deeply enjoyable massages.

The benefits of Reiki are well documented and have been helping people all over the world for eons.

Nick has been a Grand Master for over ten years and is able to help you in whatever way your wellbeing requires - from finding peace to coping with physical and emotional issues.

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The Session

Lasts for 90 minutes and you can wear whatever is comfortable for you. If you want to include essential oils, then wearing garments you can easily remove will help.

It's not unusual to feel light-headed or euphoric afterwards, so allow extra time after the session before driving.

FHT Accredited

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I decided to treat myself to a full body massage with Reiki for my 60th birthday, oh my goodness, it was absolutely blissful! The ambience with well chosen music, the aroma of the essential oils, the professional manner protecting my ‘bashfulness’, everything was spot on. Having the Reiki combined with such a deep relaxing massage was perfect - the massage totally preparing me for the wonders of Reiki. A truly amazing gift.

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