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Please note:

If you are suffering with pain due to an illness, injury, accident etc, then I need to assess you with an initial consultation before you have a massage (which may just make the problem worse). Please book an Initial Consultation first and let me see how I can help you.

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Body Composition Analysis

Want to know:

  • If you're overweight?

  • How much water you're made of?

  • What your muscle and bone mass is?

  • What your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is?

  • What your visceral fat rating is?

  • Where you are on the 'Physique Rating' scale?


Then book yourself in for a 30 minute session = £25.

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Massage Therapies

We blend our own essential oils 

Holistic Therapies

Or, if calling, just ask for the offer when making your appointment.

or Call:
01298 600477

Treat someone special

Reiki Training - read more

Hypnotherapy  ~  TBC

Bikefit  ~  TBC

Cancellation Fee: Cancelling within 24 hours of your appointment will unfortunately, incur a £20 fee to cover lost administration time, and loss of time slot that could have been taken by someone else.

or Call: 01298 600477
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