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Reiki Training

If you're on this page, then you're likely to already appreciate the many benefits of Reiki, and want someone to help you become a practioner yourself, well, you've come to the right place...

Grand Master
Nick Mulryan

Nick became a Grand Master over twelve years ago - his training lineage is impressive as he's only six steps away from the founder, Mikao Usui.

Nick's thorough understanding of human physiology and years of experience helping people overcome their pain, adds to his natural ability to perform this widely appreciated technique.

Over the years, Nick has helped many people, from those seeking pain relief or struggiling with terminal illness, to people just wanting to feel better and cope with various stresses in life.

Grand Master Reiki practioner Nick Mulryan


Your training will take you to level 1, 2a, 2b or 3, depending on your experience and takes either one or two to three days each, during which you will receive your own manual and certificate.

The courses are accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and follow the core curriculum as set by the UK Reiki Federation.

Level 1 - Personal

After completing your Level 1 training, you will have comprehensive knowledge of how to perform Reiki on yourself and others. You will be introduced to your energy centres: The Chakras, and the role they play in Reiki.

Your training will include four attunements: powerful spiritual experiences that are guided by Nick, your Reiki Master.

Trainees often end the training feeling spiritually enlightened.

Level 2a - Personal

After completing your level 1, you need to spend up to nine months getting to understand the Reiki energy before continuing with the reiki training journey.

Further attunements will introduce you to the Reiki symbols.

Level 2a is still just for personal use e.g. friends and family.

Level 2b - Practitioner

This is for you if you want to practice Reiki and charge members of the public (including those of you who wish to volunteer in a Hospice).

Your training is a continuation of level 2a, but you will have to perform 75 case studies and 75 self-treatments - Nick will mentor you through this process.

Level 3 Master - currently unavailable

Attaining your Reiki Level 3 is the final step in becoming a master teacher yourself.

You will need a minimum of six months from achieving your Level 2.

You will gain further insight and deeper understanding of how Reiki affects you and others.

Training is for one day only, with the option of completing the Level 4 Master Teacher the following day.

You will be introduced to further symbols that are utilised during the attunement process, Nick will demonstrate how they are used and how you can further put them into practice. Reiki Master students will also be required to compile their own teaching and learning material.

Level 4 Master Teacher - currently unavailable

To be able to teach as a Reiki Level 4 Master Teacher, you will need one more training day.

You will learn to be fully skilled at giving Reiki Attunements, as well as gaining a further understanding of the Reiki Master symbols and its use for self-healing.

Training Dates

Reiki Level 1 (2 day course)

7 & 8 October (Sat/Sun)

Reiki Level 2 (2 day course)

4 & 5 November (Sat/Sun)

FHT Accredited

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or Call: 01298 600477

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Martin Brocklesby

My partner and I attended a Reiki Level 1 course with Nick, we both found it very interesting both the theory and practical side, Nick was a great teacher and provided us with all the written information we need to practice our reiki.

We are both looking forward to doing our Reiki 2 course in 9 months.

Matthew Wright

The training has put me on the right path where I want to be going down in my life. One of the experiences was pure euphoria of joy…
The first attunement of the day felt a bit strange as it was all new to me, but as Nick worked with me it felt nice and peaceful. The second attunement was more powerful - I started getting vivid colours in my head and having that energy flowing through me was very calming.
A couple of days have passed now since the training and I have been in a very peaceful and joyful mood. I will definitely return for my second degree in time. Nick is one of the nicest people I have met.

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