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What is Rehabilitation?

The primary principle of successful rehabilitation is to restore the patient to pre-injury functional fitness, ideally in the safest, shortest possible time.

What does it involve?

Utilising  the underlying principles of scientific tissue healing and rehabilitation, your rehabilitation program will focus on specific strengthening, stretching and stability exercises including hands on manual therapy.

Why is Rehabilitation important?

Why is Rehabilitation important?

Rehabilitation helps address imbalances of compensatory problems that may of occurred from injury as well as to prevent the likelihood of injury reoccurrence.


In order to succeed we will make your rehabilitation program specific to your needs whether you are an athlete or non-athlete. We will keep you motivated and prepare your body specific for your movement demands.    

Cathy Wren

I was recommended by my GP practice to try a pain specialist due to suffering with chronic migraines (cluster headaches) and shoulder pain.


From the radio graphic information provided and one appointment with Nick, I came out a different person, as Nick was able to find the underlying source of my migraine and shoulder problem.


Thanks to him I am now mobile and pain free.


I highly recommend Nick's pain relief clinic and style of treatments.

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