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Further Information on Cupping Therapy 

The Origins of Cupping Therapy 

Cupping Therapy is one of the oldest forms of complementary therapy dating back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Middle Eastern civilisations. It has been recorded in one of the world’s oldest medical textbooks the ‘Ebers Papyrus’ which illustrated how the ancient Egyptians were using cupping therapy in 1.550 B.C. Today there are various types of cupping therapy techniques

Cupping Therapy Techniques

The Stationary Cupping Technique

  • involves the practitioner placing the cups on specific points which is then retained.


The Gliding Cupping Technique

  • allows the cups to glide easily over the skin whilst the suction is active. A lubricant is applied to the skin such as massage oil although lubricants such as oils that have been infused with extracts of medicinal herbs are often used. Together this generates friction causing the underlying tissues such as the muscles to be gently stretched helping to relieve tissue tension along the muscle regions.

Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Physical Therapy

Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Physical Therapy 

Cupping therapy can be used on its own or in combination with physical therapy to help treat a wide variety of physiological or psychological conditions. Cupping Therapy can also be used with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), based on the principle that vital energy flows freely throughout the body in a series of channels called meridians. The practitioner places the cups along the meridian channels at certain acupuncture points on the body to help restore the natural balance of Yin and Yang by freeing our life energy (also referred to as Chi, Qi or Ki). According to this principle, our health is affected when this energy stops flowing freely. Stimulation by ‘Cupping Therapy’ at various points on the body helps to restore the healthy flow of energy in the body thereby helping to restore the body’s equilibrium by promoting a balanced lifestyle which may prevent the likelihood of succumbing to everyday illness and effects of modern-day stress.

         His knowledge of anatomy was incredible. ...The pain I experienced disappeared almost instantly after I left the treatment room and has been a lot better since... Thanks Nick!

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        Three visits to Nick in 3 weeks and to my amazement not only did I make the start line but I ran the 26 miles, non-stop in under 4 hours, without any problems with my calf muscle..

The No.1 Pain Relief Clinic

The No.1 Pain Relief Clinic uses the ‘Dry Cupping Technique’  (suction only) to help relieve pain which may be caused by a variety of physiological or psychological conditions. This is then supplemented by other forms of treatment alongside current evidence based research to support its use for pain relief to provide a more enhanced comprehensive holistic approach.

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