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Massage Techniques

Massage involves a range of different types of soft tissue techniques such as:

Effleurage – (stroking movements)


(stroking movements)

Helps assist the therapist to get a feel which muscles are tense in the patient’s body. It also helps the patient to relax and accustomed to the therapist touch. Using the technique on the limbs assists the stimulation of the circulatory systems to promote blood flow and particularly flush toxins from the lymphatic system.



helps the patient to relax further and helps to warm up the muscles for deeper work. This technique involves kneading, compression rolling and squeezing movements. The therapist gently lifts  the muscle upwards from the bone. The technique aims to further enhance the circulation to help soothe nerve tissue and muscle tension.


(Pressure gets gradually deeper then released)

Friction is regarded as the most intense part of the massage as it involves a deeper amount of pressure. The therapist applies pressure using palms, thumbs, fingertips, forearms and elbows into the muscle tissue near bony areas such as along-side the spine. The techniques applied (e.g. circular movements) helps to intensify flexibility which helps to promote the therapeutic healing process. The aim of the technique is to reduce muscle tension that may lead to discomfort and limited range of movement caused by repetitious muscle movements, injury or stress of everyday life.  

Friction in massage


involves Percussions (cupping, pounding, hacking) techniques.

Tapotement techniques are often performed by the therapist following friction work aimed to help loosen and relax the muscles.


involve shaking movements which aims to further relax the patient and to assist the circulatory systems.  

These soft tissue manipulative techniques are well known throughout the world and are still used by health professionals in types of massage modalities i.e. Sports, Remedial and Aromatherapy Massage.


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