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Special Offer - December

Feel terrific with a

Sports Massage.

You don't have to do sports to benefit.

Down from £40 to £30 for 60 minutes.


Sports massage focuses on prevention and healing of injuries. It is designed to help athletes prepare for optimal performance, recover from sporting activities and to assist and maintain function and performance throughout training.

Benefits (for non-sporting people too):

  • Reduces muscular tension

  • Helps to relieve aches and pains that may arise from stress, poor posture or movement dysfunction

  • Promotes healing   

  • Prevents increased stresses due to increased training loads or intensive competition schedules

  • Helps maintain sports performance by preventing further injury

  • Stimulates blood and lymph flow to enhance recovery

  • It can be invigorating and energising to psyche-up the athlete before training or competition which may provide the athlete with the upper-edge over the competition

  • Promotes relaxation post training or competition to enhance recovery


        Three visits to Nick in 3 weeks and to my amazement not only did I make the start line but I ran the 26 miles, non-stop in under 4 hours, without any problems with my calf muscle..

         His knowledge of anatomy was incredible. ...The pain I experienced disappeared almost instantly after I left the treatment room and has been a lot better since... Thanks Nick!

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