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What is Thai Herbal Compress?

Thai Herbal compress (also called Luk Pra kob) is a divine luxurious treatment that combines Traditional Thai massage techniques with heated (steamed) herbal compresses.


The benefits of Thai Herbal Compress

The potential health benefits of Thai Herbal Compress can help produce a more balanced sense of well-being. The herbs used in these compresses have an invigorating and relaxing effect on the body. The combination of the heat, herbs and massage has the following effects:

Thai Herbal Compress

(Luk Pra Kob)

Thai Herbal Compress (Luk Pra Kob) - Buxton
  • Reduces tension through heat and aromatic properties of the herbs

  • Induces deep relaxation of muscle and nerve fibres (helps relieve chronic pain arising from overuse injuries)

  • Softens and nourishes the skin (many herbs are nourishing, exfoliating and restorative)

  • Eases respiration through the use of aromatic herbal vapours

  • Improves the circulation as the massage and heat dilates the blood vessels enabling them to work more efficiently

  • Stimulates the elimination of toxins and waste products through increased lymphatic circulation and detoxification provided by heat, herbs and massage

  • Helps to restore the body’s vital energy flow (through the stimulation of the Sen Lines)

  • Helps to relieve stress and fatigue

  • Improves muscle tone

  • Boosts emotional and physical well-being

  • Relaxes muscles

  • Soothes aches and pains

 Thai Herbal Compress (Luk Pra Kob)

How it works?

Thai Herbal Compress is commonly used as part of a Traditional Thai Massage. The compress consists of ground fresh or dried herbs that are wrapped in muslin cloth, and then steamed to release the potential qualities of the herbs. The warm compress is then systematically pressed or pounded over the receiver’s entire body to help soothe muscles and to help stimulate organs and senses.  

Typical herbs used

The herbs  in the compress may possess many therapeutic properties that may contain anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and antioxidant properties. The contents in the herbal compress are prescribed according to the condition being treated, the most commonly used herbs being:


  • Zedoary (Khamin oi)

  • Turmeric (Khamin chan)

  • Lemongrass (takhrai)

  • Cumin (Khamin)

  • Kaffir lime (Makrut)

  • Camphor tree (Naat)

  • Tamarind (Makham)

  • Plai (scientific name : Zingiber cassumar)


Important Information


Occasionally some people may have an allergy to certain aromatics and herbs. If you have an allergy to anything please inform your therapist so that the appropriate action can be taken. If you are allergic to nuts please inform your therapist prior to treatment to prevent the likelihood of an allergic reaction.


Pregnancy Care

If you are pregnant there are certain aromatics and herbs which may be unsafe to use. Consequently If you are pregnant or think you may become pregnant during a course of treatment please inform your therapist so the appropriate action may be taken.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

How does it feel?

The treatment provides a feeling of well-being such as feelings of being cleansed and purified towards letting go of modern day stresses and tension held within the body. It is a very relaxing and soothing treatment.


How long is a treatment?

A typical Thai Herbal Compress treatment lasts approximately 60 minutes


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Complementary Holistic Healthcare Therapy

        Three visits to Nick in 3 weeks and to my amazement not only did I make the start line but I ran the 26 miles, non-stop in under 4 hours, without any problems with my calf muscle..

         I was looking for an experienced massage therapist and was recommended to see Nick due to his professionalism and clinical knowledge by a Stockport college therapy lecturer.


Nick used aromatherapy oils as a medium and explained the benefits of each essential oil for my ailments involving me throughout the decision process.


Following the treatment I felt like I had just worked out in a gym! I also felt totally re-energised Nick you unblocked everything I needed to empty my bladder afterwards!


Well well well I can honestly say that was the best massage I have ever had! Nick is a natural healer spread the word...

Thanks Nick

         His knowledge of anatomy was incredible. ...The pain I experienced disappeared almost instantly after I left the treatment room and has been a lot better since... Thanks Nick!

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