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History of Electro-acupuncture

How it Began

Electro-acupuncture was established in China around 1934 as an extension of acupuncture. By the late 1940’s Electro-acupuncture was further developed by a German doctor, Dr Voll who had an interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the associated acupuncture points used in TCM to promote health and well-being.


Electro-acupuncture in Buxton, High Peak

Dr Voll's Research 

Dr Voll researched the physiological effects and the associated correlations between acupuncture points and internal organs and the human body systems. His research findings found, by stimulating an acupuncture point using a pulsating current resulted in a reaction of a human organism. Through research he was able to construct a schematic model by recording galvanic skin measurements at various acupuncture points on the human body to create an accurate non-invasive diagnosis of a patient’s general health and well-being according to this system.


Based on Dr Voll research findings and principles, today there are numerous variations of electro-acupuncture available. These may include Bio Energetic Stress Test (B.E.S.T), Bio-electric Functional Diagnostics (B.F.D.), Biocome, EAV Gold, Pitterling, Mora and Vega.


The No.1 Pain Relief Clinic uses the B.F.D system based on Dr.Voll healing system to help relieve pain which may be caused by a variety of physiological or psychological conditions. This is then supplemented by other forms of treatment alongside current evidence based research to support its use for pain relief to provide a more enhanced comprehensive holistic approach.


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