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Aches & Pains

Fred Grinter

I have never met a professional who cares so much about fixing your pain. I knew very quickly that Nick was going to help me recover as quickly as possible. I have tried many others in the past but I've stopped looking now.

Aches & Pains

Rod Leung

Shiatsu Practioner & Teacher - Liverpool

Nick's experience and in depth clinical knowledge is second to none in both conventional and orthodox medicine.

His no nonsense approach is thorough and I was very pleased with the treatments and after-care he provided for my aches and pains and injuries. Nick was professional friendly and honest. I felt involved in all decisions he was making as my views were considered and incorporated into my rehabilitation plan.

I would highly recommend Nick and his pain relief clinic services. Thanks to Nick he has helped dramatically improve my overall health and well-being beyond all expectations. Best investment made to date.

Aches & Pains

Mark Stead

What Nick doesn't know about the body isn't worth knowing. I would recommend to anyone.

Nick focuses on correcting the cause not just the effect. Nick makes sure you understand why and how the injury has happened and how to prevent it reoccuring by writing a bespoke recovery programme. Nick is passionate about what he does puts 100% into getting you sorted. 

Aches & Pains - Reflexology

Helen Graham

Retired Occupational Therapist

Nick has a very professional and friendly manner and his knowledge is  very impressive as he was able to home in on my aches and pains. The  effects of the reflexology treatments were a great success. Will  recommend Nick and his clinic to family and friends due to his attention  to detail and the genuine interest he takes in the well being of the  patient. Thank you Nick

Aches & Pains - Reflexology

Teresa MacMillan

Nick is very professional and very knowledgeable in dealing with all types of pain. He assisted my mum with her condition and she would recommend his treatments to others.

Ankle Injury

Janette Cotton


After a car crash damaged my ankle thirty years ago, I have lived  with constant swelling and pain, restricting my physical activities and  disrupting my sleep.

Nick treated me at his clinic in Buxton with massage and a high vibration device which gave me instant relief. He went the extra mile  and provided me with a thorough and detailed list of imaginative  activities to alleviate my ankle problems, one of which is to walk  across the swimming pool on tip toes! He is very knowledgeable about  physiotherapy, and shows patience and attention to detail when gaining  an understanding of what is wrong.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nick to anyone who wants pain relief.

Arthritis - Hip & Knee pain

Beth Webb

Nick has given me exercises that have really helped me with my arthritic hip and knees and his massage was so good that I'd forgotten what it was like to move my neck properly!

Would definitley recommend him for pain management and help with understanding how to help myself.

Back Pain

Adam Critchlow

Very knowledgeable and informative. The massage really helped me return my back to normal.

Back Pain

Michelle Birch

Nick was extremely thorough and determined to work out what was wrong with my back. I had always had back problems since I was about 16 and went to him having tried many different osteopaths and physios over the years.

Within 10 minutes he had spotted that the arches on my feet were not the same (one was flat on the floor and one was normal) and this meant that everything was unbalanced.

I now have some insoles which help keep me even and he gave me lots of simple exercises to strengthen the muscles that I hadn't been using. My back is so much better now. 

Back Pain

Andrew Walters

RAF/Pilot - Buxton

I visited Nick for lower back pain. Not only did he immediately diagnose (and correct) the underlying cause, but he also provided tailored exercises to fit my lifestyle and, remarkably, completely cured my pain within a day. Nick is extremely proficient and professional. I cannot recommend him enough! 

Back Pain

Sam Sharma

Restauranteur - The Hydro, Buxton

The treatment I received for my back pain was outstanding. Nick was very professional and friendly from the start. He explained everything to me clearly and gave me exercises to do at home to help the process of getting back on my feet. I have seen lots of improvement since I began sessions. The clinic is lovely and clean and welcoming.

Back Pain

Julie Ann Jones

Nick is amazing, would recommend him straight away. Sorted my back out in two visits, had been to loads of other people and was still in pain.

Back Pain

Melanie Goldsmith


Strongly recommended as I have never found anyone who could help me with years of suffering back pain. I no longer take medication and I'm still working on strengthening but I'm a lot better than I was. 

Back Pain

Michael Puddifoot


I was recommended to The No.1 Pain Relief Clinic as Nick has a unique gift for helping clients with low back pain, my quality of life has improved dramatically from the treatments received.

I am happy to recommend Nick's No.1 Pain Relief Clinic to friends and clients. I'm sure I will be back to see him again as required - Thanks. 

Chronic Migraine

Cathy Wren

Mobile Hairdresser - Buxton

I was recommended by my GP practice to try a pain specialist due to suffering with chronic migraines (cluster headaches) and shoulder pain.

From the radio graphic information provided and one appointment with Nick, I came out a different person, as Nick was able to find the underlying source of my migraine and shoulder problem.

Thanks to him I am now mobile and pain free. I highly recommend Nick's pain relief clinic and style of treatments.

Chronic Pain Relief

Carley Naden

Nick really knows his stuff. His assessments and treatments are of the highest quality. Chronic pain is so hard to manage, but with Nick as your 'Pain Man' you are in very good hands. 

Chronic Pain Relief

Catherine Upton

Nick has really helped me with my back pain and sciatica. I have had chronic pain for years and with his treatment plan this is the best I have ever felt. He has given me the tools to help myself and get stronger. He is friendly, professional, and knows his stuff. I can't recommend him enough.

Cyclist - Bikefitting

Paul Birch

Surveyor - Buxton

Just thought I'd let you know that I went for a ride yesterday and all  went well, the bikefit seems to have worked. I thought I was taking it  easy as I haven't ridden for a while and I ended up beating some of my  times from last summer!! Thanks again.

Cyclist - Bikefitting

Roland York


Having decided to do the “end to end”, John O’Groats to Land’s End, I  contacted everyone on Facebook looking for sponsorship.  As luck would  have it Nick Mulryan “Nick's No.1 Pain Relief Clinic” spotted it and, as  an ex-pupil, offered me free treatment as sponsorship.

Nick gave me a thorough check over and after a number of sessions was  able to recommend a course of exercises to assist my training.  These  were based on my physique and body requirements to maximise my  performance, taking into consideration any weaknesses in skeletal  structure – he found plenty! He was also able to set up the bike to exactly the right parameters for  my particular requirements.  Having observed my cycling action and the  fact that my right knee troubled me after long rides, he recommended  special inserts for my shoes which greatly reduced my discomfort.

Nick’s knowledge of treatment and exercises for cyclists is very impressive – thanks Nick.

Cyclist - Sports Therapy

Iain Dawson

World Champion Paratriathlete

Nick is very knowledgeable and able to offer a wide range of treatments at his clinic in Buxton.

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